Bapco Closures
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BAP® closure system technology

The trademark BAP® is derived from a unique double induction welding process that: Bonds the Aluminum and Plastic of the Bapco closure system to the container.

Primary Induction Weld - Closures

This is carried out in the Bapco facility to ensure a perfect weld to the easy open ring pull for consistent consumer performance. The same closure can be used across different processes and container types. More information about this.

Secondary Induction Weld - Bapco Induction Welder

This takes place under the Bapco Induction Welder at the customer site to ensure a 100% hermetic seal for secure pack integrity, for a full description click here.

Our technology is so versatile that it doesn't have to be restricted to traditional blown or injection stretch bottles. Click here for more information.

Core benefits

  • Product Quality
  • Product Performance
  • Cost and Complexity Reduction
  • Assured Consumer Experience
  • Brand Protection
  • Enhance Consumer Offering
  • Improved Supplier Chain Efficiency