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Sustainable Source Reduction at its Best!

Bapco closures is committed to managing its global businesses in an environmentally responsible manner at all times. Our closure technology removes the need for heavy neck finishes and delivers significant environmental lightweighting benefits by enabling the container to use less material. Click below for more detail:

Lighter Over caps
Lighter Necks
Lighter Containers

Environmental considerations guide our design, development and manufacturing driving our businesses towards sustainability. The reduction in extrusion blow moulded container gram weight (20-35% depending on size and design) facilitated by the unique closure technology, translates into significant cost reduction in the plastic package.

This translates into real reductions:

  • Energy consumption savings
  • CO2 production savings
  • Carbon emissions are reduced in all aspects of the production chain

If you would like to discover more about the packaging industry and its targets for reducing its environmental footprint. Click below for more information: